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Ready to take meal prepping off your plate?

Why choose hearts & beets?

We want to build a lasting relationship with you! After our initial consultation, together we decide on a healthy plan to help you reach your goals. Unlike a large-scale meal prep service, we provide a more personalized approach customized to your needs. We take into consideration your schedule, current health goals, dietary needs and create a menu made up of food you will love.


Rachel is truly a blessing in my life. With a business and two small children I struggle with taking care of myself. Rachel prepares the most amazing meals. She's truly a professional with a great talent and passion for what she does. You can taste the love in her food.

Mary, Orangeville

Rachel is an extremely knowledgeable and talented holistic chef, her meals are fantastic and extremely healthy. I am NEVER hungry, have never felt better in my entire life and am thriving in all areas of my life as a result. Rachel, thank you so very much for all of your support, I couldn’t be on this journey without you! 

Yvette, Caledon

Rachel is a holistic nutritionist so we know the meals she prepares for us are healthy and well-balanced. Rachel is very accommodating of our various food allergies and sensitivities. We love that hearts & beets is full-service - Rachel plans the weekly meals, does the grocery shopping, cooks, and then leaves the kitchen spotless when she’s done.

Dana, Mono

Between working full time and helping my husband run his business, I was having a hard time fitting in making healthy, yummy dinners. Her full service gave me flexibility to do things for "me" after work instead of feeling like I was chained to the kitchen. You'll find yourself eating and cooking with ingredients you never would have thought of before!

Kaitlyn, Mono

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